Gravity (2013) Review

After a disastrous storm of debris destroys their shuttle, medical engineer Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) find themselves stranded in space. Finding themselves floating further from safety and Earth, and slowly losing oxygen, the two must rely on each other in order to survive.

Directed by Alfonse Cuaron, Gravity is a very intense drama/thriller that tells a great story about having the will and strength to survive. Clooney and Bullock play off of each other really in a way only two of the most professional actors in Hollywood can. Clooney provides a lot of the humor of the film with his character providing jokes in order to keep himself as well as Bullock’s character, and even the audience calm. But it is Bullock who provides the strongest performance. We watch as her character goes through many moments of panic and duress. Not only does she pull this off excellently, she’s also able to pull viewers in and onto her level. It is also the moments of weakness and doubt that Bullock gives us her all and by far gives the most powerful performance of her career. Not only do the actors bring us into the film emotionally, but the amazing film-work does this as well. There are many instances where we are put into the POV of the characters and all we hear is the sound their panicking as they as thrown about in space as debris is crashing around them. We also have many breathtaking shots of Earth and sunset that are made even more affecting (as is the whole film) in 3D.

Gravity is a powerful, intense, and breathtaking film that takes the viewer on a great adventure with moments where you will find yourselves holding your breath, but also on a roller coaster of emotions.

P.S., See this in 3D while you can!

My rating: 9/10


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