Shiver (2013) Review

Shiver tells the story of Wendy (Danielle Harris), a young woman who is struggling with financial issues, has no time for dating, and has a not-so-close relationship with her mother. When Wendy is targeted by a killer known as The Gryphon (John Jarratt),  she must use her smarts and the strength she never knew she had in order to escape from becoming a part of The Gryphon’s “collection”.

Shiver is a film that is slightly different for Scream Queen Danielle Harris. Instead of starring in a typical by-the-numbers slasher film, she’s now the prime focus of a psychopath, as well as the prime focus of the viewer. Harris by far gives her strongest performance in this film. We watch as her character tries to stay calm in times of great terror, but when the time comes for her to fight, Harris plays it off with great strength and ease. Beside Harris we have John Jarratt, whom is well-known for his role as the psychotic killer in the film Wolf Creek. Jarratt is back again playing another psycho. While he definitely played his role well, he really didn’t put as much effort into it as he did in Wolf Creek. But he does do a good job of trying to show both sides of his character’s personality. He can go from calm one moment, but then completely creepy and crazy the next. As for the film itself, it isn’t really anything to write home about. It keeps a person interested mostly because of the cat and mouse game between our protagonist and antagonist.

It’s not one of the greatest films ever, nor is it a stand out film of it’s kind, but it’s at least worth checking out if one’s ever interested. But the performances of Harris and Jarratt are what makes the film worth seeing, especially the strong performance by Harris.

My rating: 6/10


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