Haunter (2013) Review

When young teenager Lisa (Abigail Breslin) comes to realize that she and her family has been living their days the same way, she can only assume that something is wrong. Along with all of this, Lisa begins hearing voices and seeing young girls in her house. When she comes to the realization that she and her family are dead, and a new family is living in her home, her only contact is the young teenage daughter Olivia (Eleanor Zichy). Lisa realizes it is up to her to try break through to the other side and save this family from meeting the same fate as hers, but dark spirits are preventing Lisa from doing this.

Following her earlier thriller The Call this year, Abigail Breslin is back in this solid supernatural horror/thriller. Breslin gave an amazing performance in The Call, which lead me to believe she has what it takes to make it in the horror/thriller genre. Her performance in Haunter only seals this belief. Breslin plays a young girl in a race against time to not only save this new family but also her own, all while being tortured by the dark spirits watching her. Throughout the film, she shows the feelings of confusion, fear, and isolation so perfectly that we are immediately feeling for her character. And by the end when Lisa knows it’s up to her to do something about the events at hand, we are rooting for her all of the way. In both The Call and Haunter Breslin really shows she has what it takes to become a potential Scream Queen in the genre. As for the film itself, it clearly mirrors certain well-known ghost flicks like The Others, The Shining, and The Amityville Horror. Despite this, the script written Brian and Matthew King, as well as the direction of Vincenzo Natali delivers and engaging and heart-pounding film that hooks you all the way through. The film is also backed by a great setting and atmosphere. We are given a dark and gloomy setting that gives an idea of the kind of life (or lack thereof) that Lisa and her family have grown accustomed to. We are also given great cinematography that can really put us into the point of view of Lisa that assists in putting the viewer in her place.

Haunter is no The Conjuring. This film wasn’t meant to bring out fear in the viewer, it was meant to engage the viewer into our main character, the setting, and the story. And it does all of this excellently.

My rating: 8/10


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