Cavemen (2014) Review

Struggling screenwriter Dean (Skylar Astin) is not only having difficulties coming up with a good idea for a love story, but difficulties with finding love in his own life. In hopes of finding inspiration for his script, he sets out to find the love of his life. Along the way he begins to learn some lessons from his friends Jay (Chad Michael Murray), Pete (Kenny Wormald), and Andre (Dayo Okeniyi), and Dean’s best friend Tess (Camilla Belle).

There’s no doubt that Cavemen has all of the element of your typical romantic comedy. Yes, it is predictable, yes it is cliche. But what sets it apart from many rom-coms before it, is that it has the heart and charm to make it enjoyable. You can’t help but root for the lead character in his quest for finding true love. The characters are well-written and likable and each have their own story to tell instead of just being your typical side characters. During the course of the film you love seeing these characters with each other because you love them so much. What also sets it apart from other romantic comedies is that has the perfect combination of comedy and romance. There will be moments where you will laugh at some of the dialogue and the situations the characters find themselves in, then the next you’ll find yourself invested in the love story aspect.

The cast is hands down, one of the best things about the film. Skylar Astin is solid as the hopeless romantic on his quest for love. He pulls of the awkward moments in this quest perfectly, and when it comes to the moments where he’s conflicted of his feelings, you can really sense it. Astin, as well as his other male cast members have great chemistry together and come off genuine buddies who crack jokes and make fun of each other. Chad Michael Murray provides the most laughs as the sex addicted Jay. He pulls off this side of his character with poise, but he also shows Jay’s humanity underneath his sex-crazed exterior. Astin also has terrific chemistry with the gorgeous Camilla Belle. The two have the best friend roles pegged. They have fun with each other to where it looks natural, but then in an instant you can see some of the sparks that may be hidden. While Belle doesn’t have as much screen time as the guys, she does a fine job with what she has and makes a really lovable female character.

There’s no doubt critics and many viewers will tear this film apart just for the fact that it’s a romantic comedy. Which in itself is shameful. They need to look past its predictability and see the heart of the story and these characters underneath. This can be said for many other rom-coms out there, and Cavemen is one that find set itself above quite a few others before it.

My Rating: 10/10


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