Gimme Shelter (2014) Review

Tired of her life of abuse and constant foster care, Agnes (Vanessa Hudgens) sets out to find a new place to call home. But she soon comes to realize that home is the place where you least expect to find it.

Gimme Shelter is a powerfully emotional film that chronicles the life of a young girl who just wants to find a place where she belongs in the world. We watch as Agnes encounters people from her dark past, to people in her present who may just lead her on the path to salvation. Some of the situations are dark and heart-breaking, but the moments when Agnes finds and feels the love she’s been looking for will move you to tears. While many may compare it to the film Precious, Gimme Shelter is based on a true story. The film moves at a quick-pace, but not too quick to where you don’t find yourself emotionally evolved in the story and the characters.

While many remember her for role in High School Musical or even most recently for her devilishly trashy performance in Spring Breakers, Vanessa Hudgens gives the performance of her career. It’s powerful, heartbreaking, and moving at the same time. Hudgens gets so lost in her role. We really believe her as this lost and broken girl who yearns to be loved. For anyone who doubts that Hudgens can’t act (which honestly, I thought this at first), once you see this film you can see the great potential Hudgens inhabits. Very few young actresses could have pulled this role off, but Hudgens nails it through and through and carries the film on her own. In very much supporting roles are Rosario Dawson who gives a dark and pure evil performance as Agnes’ drug addicted and abusive mother whom she tries to escape. Dawson really delivers in this role and every time she’s on screen you’re digested and you absolutely HATE her. Brenden Fraser stars as Agnes’ biological and wealthy father. When we first meet his character, Fraser comes off as very bland in the role, but during the course of the film he eases into it more and gives a decent enough performance.

Gimme Shelter is a deep and emotional film that will touch you, and leave you in tears, and full of hope. All of this definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the powerhouse performance given by Vanessa Hudgens.

My Rating: 10/10


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