Jurassic World (2015) Review

Following the tragedy that happened 22 years prior when John Hammond tried to open Jurassic Park, the gates are now open. This time the park is called Jurassic World and under the supervision of Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard). Now that the park has opened it is visited by many and guests can interact with the newly engineered dinosaurs. But to Claire, she feels people have grown tired of the same old dinosaurs. She, along with other scientists create a new attraction to spike attendance, the Idominous Rex. The I-Rex was designed to be bigger and badder than the T-Rex, while also having some of the same DNA as well as other creatures that Claire keeps confidential. When Claire’s nephews come to visit, she tries to ensure they have a good time by giving them passes while she goes on about her work. But the fun is cut short when the I-Rex proves to be smarter than Claire and everyone else expected. When the I-Rex breaks lose, Claire realizes the numerous guests are now in danger. She then enlists the help of the raptor tamer Owen (Chris Pratt) to save her nephews as well the guests from becoming victims to the I-Rex and other hungry monsters.

Following two sequels after the original, Jurassic World is THE sequel that fans have been waiting for. The film has a very smart and stylish plot, and plenty of action and thrills. The story gives just enough time to establish the characters, story, and the new world that has been created. Although it doesn’t present a lot of the wow factor that the original had, it’s still the world fans fell in love with back in 1993, but modernized. Once everything is set up, it doesnt take long for the action to pick up and never let go. It all leads to an epic finale that will definitely please viewers. There are also a few humorous moments in the film that work more often than not. Another pleasure to fans is the many nods and parallels to the original film. For a sequel it pays a great amount of respect to Steven Spielberg’s classic. On top of this we are given many of the same dinosaurs we love, as well as new ones that are just as amazing. The Idominous Rex is an excellent addition and has the same affect the T-Rex had in the original film. She’s bigger, badder, and smarter than the T-Rex could ever be. Despite a majority of the dinosaurs being CGI and some animatronics, it doesnt take much away from the film. Even though there aren’t many suspenseful moments to match the original, it does feature some thrills to keep you sucked in World is also more violent and merciless than any of the previous films, which set it very high for me. The characters are all fairly established to where we get to know them. Whether you like them or not is up to you. However, the character Zara (Claire’s assistant) is beyond pointless. She’s supposed to be watching Claire’s nephews, but fails massively and disappears until towards the end in one of the most epic moments of the film, resulting in her having VERY litter dialogue and screen time. 

Chris Pratt does an amazing job in the role of Owen. He further proves that he has what it takes to become a bad ass action star and it shows in all of his features. He doesn’t steer away from his humor either. The character Owen in general as well as Pratt’s performance makes for an excellent submit it for Sam Neil’s character in the original. Vincent D’Onofrio does a fine job as the human villain but he isn’t one of the more consistent characters in the film. The actors playing the nephews sell their roles perfectly and really capture the age and mentality of the characters. Finally, we have Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire. She gets more screen time than Pratt but she leaves zero effect or charisma to the character. Howard is so bland and boring throughout the movie, and even the scenes where she had to express emotion or put her game face on seems so obviously forced. Though I give her credit enough to say that she and Pratt had pretty solid chemistry and their scenes together are enjoyable.

For haters of the Lost World and Jurassic Park 3, Jurassic World succeeds in bringing back a lot of what fans loved about the original and amplifies it. Some may find it the best in the series, but some will stick to their guns and remain faithful to the original. Despite small flaws, Jurassic World is perfect breath of life to the series that pays rest respect to the original.



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