Ted 2 (2015) Review

ted 2

The famous living teddy bear Ted (Seth McFarlane) is getting married. But soon after the wedding, the honeymoon days ending and they constantly bicker and throw things at each other. Ted then has the idea that they should have a kid in order to make things better. However, the court claims that Ted is not an actual person and his marriage becomes annulled. In order to claim his citizenship, Ted enlists the help of his best friend John (Mark Wahlberg) and a young, hot lawyer named Sam (Amanda Seyfried), and the trio hit the road to get Ted legalized.

With many sequels, they can range from really good, to better, to awful, and just plain unnecessary. Ted 2 falls into the last two categories. The original film was one that I found extremely hilarious and at times moving. However, this sequel is just plain bad and boring. The story is clearly made for purposes when it comes to equality in the U.S. But at the same time it seems like it’s mocking the idea, and let’s be serious, a comedy that addresses a serious matter doesn’t make for a good storyline. That’s what made the original enjoyable was because it was just a straight-laced, brainless, bro-comedy flick that was dirty and existed for laughs. Not only is the story utterly unengaging, but it also devoid of laughs. A few chuckles arise here and there, but it’s also guilty of showing all of the major funny moments (or ones that existed) in the trailer. The first film had constant laughs, this was made all of the laughs seem forced and trying way too hard, as opposed to making it natural. With the exception of one scene that spoofs Jurassic Park, the rest of the laughs are just lame. The failure of McFarlane’s last film A Million Ways to Die in the West was also guilty of having forced laughs, and its effects are shown here. What I will give this sequel is that it has fine performances from its cast. Mark Wahlberg provides decent comedy, as does Amanda Seyfried (whom hasn’t provided a good comedic role since Mean Girls). Seth McFarlane of course still does a good job voicing Ted, but as mentioned, this doesn’t make it massively humorous. Unlike Wahlberg and Mila Kunis from the first film, he and Seyfried have very little chemistry. It doesn’t even seem forced, just really non-existent. It also doesn’t help the story much that there is repetitive storyline and sequences from the first film that just feel crammed into it just flesh the story out, and that just hurts it worse.

Ted 2 tries to be moralistic in its story, but instead it just makes it a very weak sequel, and when you add in unfunny moments and repetitiveness from its predecessor, that only makes it worse. If you’re a fan of the original Ted film, you will be massively disappointed to find it’s not the same Ted you loved from before.



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