Minions (2015) Review


Taking place before they found their boss Gru, we follow the Minions from their birth and to their development and their quest to find a boss to work for. Each time they tried to find one, it failed. When they like they’ve lost hope, three of the Minions (Kevin, Stuart, and Bob) set out on an adventure to find one and save their tribe. Setting their sights on the ruthless Scarlett Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock), they think they’ve finally found their miracle. But their adventure soon takes a huge turn for yellow and dimwitted friends.

Let me start by saying that I haven’t seen either of the two Despicable Me films, but yet I saw nothing but Minion merchandise since the original came out. Even just the few bits of footage they’d show focused on the Minions. They featured many comical moments with their encounters, and they got me to laugh for each of them. The trailers released caught my interest in this film and really got me laughing, making me really looking forward to this one. Unlike the first two films where the Minions have only a few scenes, they now get their own film in this spin-off. Unfortunately, those few scenes I can only imagine are just enough to handle. While Kevin, Stuart, and Bob and funny to watch together and do have their share of comical moments, by halfway through the film I found myself getting extremely annoyed by them and their gibberish. There is only so much I can take. However, I did enjoy Bob the most during the film and didn’t find much gripe with him. Along with this, many of the most humorous scenes took place in the trailers, and the one scene that made me laugh the hardest was at the end. Not to mention the laughs were very lame. The kids will certainly get a kick out of it, but older viewers may find little to laugh about. In a world where family films have plenty of laughs for the children, they have plenty of adult humor that keep adults engaged. There are no moments like that here. There are some occasional cute moments but again that can only get you so far. The story itself became boring halfway through and really didn’t seem to be going anywhere and became repetitive with the Minions’ antics. I was very interested in seeing Sandra Bullock in villainous and voice-related role, but unfortunately like her character’s last name, it becomes an overkill. Bullock is one of my top favorite actresses, but voice talents just aren’t her suit. It sounds like she is trying way to hard to voice the character, and while I’m sure it isn’t an easy task, it is still disappointing regardless.

Minions is a film that is most definitely geared towards children only. The most simple-minded adults may enjoy it as much as them, but on average most may “aww” at the cute moments and chuckle at some of the more humorous moments. And some will just get annoyed by the Minions and the child humor to where they’d wish the Minions had only made appearances in just the Despicable Me films as opposed to having to deal with them in a full film. It’s not horrible and it does its job for children, but it doesn’t hold up compared to other family and animated films.



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