Lila & Eve (2015) Review


Following the death of her son in a drive by shooting, grieving mother Lila (Viola Davis) joins a group of other mothers who have lost children. In the process she keeps trying to get the authorities to pick up her son’s case, only to keep getting denied. When Lila meets Eve (Jennifer Lopez) in the support group, Eve convinces her it’s time to take justice into her own hands. Together the pair hunt down anyone who had to deal with Lila’s son’s death seeking vengeance.

The story of Lila & Eve is a very familiar one, but more often than not a story like this one usually has a male character as the lead. This time it takes a turn in having a female driven story. While it lacks the amount of thrills that most films of its kind inhabit, it is still an engaging story regardless and keeps you all the way through. We watch as Lila becomes fed up with the law and seeing how they don’t care about her and her son due to the world they live in and come from. It also features a twist that might roll some eyes but at the same time it fits into the story and for the character and their development. The characters are also a huge plus. Viola Davis provides another outstanding performance as Lila, she shows the struggle Lila is going through as far as her external problems as well as her internal conflicts involving her morality. Lila is a character we all can relate to. We root for her to seek vengeance that she isn’t receiving from the law, but at the same time we understand her moral dilemma. Jennifer Lopez offers one of her strongest and most psychological performances as Eve. Lopez perfectly captures Eve’s fierce and feisty side, but shows a side of her we haven’t seen before, her pleasure of danger and violence. Eve constantly messes with Lila and coaxes her into seeing Eve’s side of things, and Lopez knocks it out of the park. As a pair, Davis, and Lopez have excellent chemistry and play off of each other extremely well. Although Davis most definitely outshines Lopez, appropriately so. Despite keeping you engaged through the film it does feature some cliches and a very unrealistic and cheesy ending that left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Overall, Lila & Eve is a great female driven drama-thriller that takes you along for a great ride, but gives more of moralistic approach and showing a mother’s will to kill for what she believes in. Despite its flaws and cliches it has a great backdrop of showing grief, love, revenge, and friendship.

Lila & Eve can be viewed on iTunes.



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