Last Supper (2015)

last supper

On a calm night a young woman (Tori Ahr) arrives home to prepare a meal for what should have been a fun get together. But little does she know there is someone lurking around looking to crash the party.

From Studio 605, the people who brought the slasher The Woods Within to the horror genre, comes their new short film. The story itself can appear simple at first glance, but when you really think about it, it is much more horrific than the way most stories of its kind are portrayed. The killer at hand, played by Jack Norman, is clearly supposed to appear as someone who could target any person in a quiet neighborhood. We have the killer dressed in black and wearing a white mask, the mask is pretty simple, but at the same time it gives you a chill that this is the mask you could easily come across. What also makes the killer so chilling is the height of Norman, he has this perfect way of hovering over you even on a smaller screen, and you can really see it when he is next to the young woman. He also has this movement to him that has the ease of Michael Myers, but the casual movements of a person moving at a regular pace. Tori Ahr plays the young woman in way that comes off as so realistic, you almost think that the killer is actually filming her during a normal conversation. But of all things I really enjoyed about this short film was the way it was filmed. It starts out with a very excellent homage to the opening tracking shot in Halloween, with heavy breathing from the killer to add extra chills. It then switches to become found-footage-esque. However, it plays out in a way that sets other films of the subgenre to shame. It was filmed in a way that could easily have been a normal format film, but when we find we are seeing the movie being filmed in the point of view of the killer (much like Maniac), it makes the story all the more horrific. As I watched the film progress, I knew what was going to happen, but the build up to it, and making me think of just when and how this maniac will strike added suspense to it. The amount of voyeurism and sense of loneliness shown throughout the short is very unnerving. Writer and director Brandon Prewitt clearly had a huge amount of inspiration of some of the aforementioned horror films. But he completely succeeds in making it his own by combining the aspects and turning it into one of the most chilling short films I’ve seen and a huge breath of fresh air of the normal first person point of view horror we’ve had shoved down our throats. The look, feel, acting, and overall situation comes off as so realistic that it could happen in any neighborhood and it didn’t over exaggerate in a way most slasher/stalker films do.



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