Top 10 Horror Movies of 2015

it follows

It Follows:

After Jay has a strange sexual encounter, she learns that she was passed on a curse as a result. She begins to see people following her everywhere she goes. People only she can see and they won’t stop until she’s dead. It Follows is a perfect throwback to subtle horror. It doesn’t rely on gore to be scary. It relies on the score, the camerawork, the characters, and the simple sense of paranoia to get under the viewer’s skin. It also helps that the characters look and feel realistic, and the cast does an amazing job.

crimson peak

Crimson Peak:

Following the mysterious death of her father, a young woman moves in with her new husband and his odd sister in their old family mansion. While there she begins to experience weird visions and begins to unlock new secrets that put her in danger. Guillermo del Toro provides his best film yet with a film that has beautiful visuals, an amazing set, a story that keeps you engaged from beginning to end, and very well-developed characters that the cast portrays very well on the screen. A perfect blend of mystery and horror.



When a young man and his band steal a piece of sheet music, they unknowingly unleash evil demons upon their town. It is now up to them to destroy the demons and stop a group of worshipers from stealing the music for their own purposes. Deathgasm is basically a metal version of Evil Dead. Specifically the remake. It has just as much blood and gore as that film, and it’s fantastic. It is a horror film, but it has many comedic moments that had me laughing quite a bit. It you’re a gore-hound with a taste for heavy metal and a good laughs, this is definitely for you.

final girls

The Final Girls:

Max and her friends find themselves transported into an old cult classic slasher film that features Max’s now deceased mother. Hoping to save her mother from dying all over again, and saving her friends, the group must follow the rules of horror in order to get out alive. The Final Girls features an excellent cast and performances, and likable characters, along with a fun, humorous, and often heartfelt story. It’s PG-13 so the kills are pretty weak, but in all honesty it doesn’t hurt it. It knows what kind of movie it is and it flaunts it. Think of it as a more or less tame version of Scream. It’s a fun film in the long run.



A young boy resents his family and Christmas, thus causing the evil spirit of Christmas named Krampus to pay him and his family a terrifying Christmas they’ll never forget. Krampus is a Christmas horror film that finally does something right. It perfectly brings to life the Christmas/winter setting and gives us real characters that we can easily see in our own lives. Along with this, it features some genuinely intense scenes, amazing cinematography, a few good laughs, and an outstanding cast.

lost after dark

Lost After Dark:

A throwback to 80s slasher films, a group of friends decide to ditch their school dance and head out of town to an abandoned farm, only to find themselves stranded. It isn’t long before they find themselves being killed off by a cannibalistic killer and have to fight for their lives. Sound very basic huh? Well it is, and it doesn’t care. It’s one hell of a fun slasher film with a cast who very well knows they’re supposed to be playing their roles in a very over-the-top fashion. They are clearly having fun with this. The kills are great and the look of the killer is impressive. What I loved the most was how you really didn’t know who was going to make it out alive in the end. That and Robert Patrick as the kids’ principal who is hot on their tail.


Tales of Halloween:

Following in the footsteps of Trick ‘r Treat, Tales of Halloween is an anthological horror film with different stories taking place on Halloween and eventually overlap. Some of the stories are creepy, some are fun, and yes some of them not so good, but they keep your attention all the way through. The cast in each isn’t very standout, but they all do fine with the material. Instantly a new Halloween classic.



A newlywed couple decides to spend their honeymoon at a lake cabin. Everything seems perfect. That is until the wife begins acting very strange, and the shocking secret is revealed in a shocking ending. For a film of its kind, Honeymoon is truly suspenseful and full of dread. We have an idea of what is going on, but not entirely sure what is going to happen. We find ourselves genuinely liking this couple and don’t want to see anything happen to them. This helps keep you invested and really on edge. The new behavior of the wife adds to it. And the ending is like a punch in the gut. The two leads playing the couple provide solid performances which adds to the likability to the characters.


Insidious: Chapter 3

A young girl wants to make contact with her deceased mother, but ends up unlocking the door to something much darker. After an accident leaves her bed-ridden with two broken legs, her life becomes in danger. Her father must enlist the help of Elise (the psychic from the first two films) to help save his daughter. The third chapter in the hit supernatural trilogy brings forth a much better chapter (in my opinion) than the mess that was Chapter 2. This time we are given characters we actually care about and want to see make it out alive. Lin Shaye is at her ultimate best in this film. We get a stronger sense of Elise’s character and her background, and Shaye and the character have never been better. Dermot Mulroney plays the desperate father very well and believable. The biggest surprise is Stefanie Scott as the daughter in danger. A truly impressive performance for her first horror film. While it doesn’t feature a high scare factor unlike the first, the story is engaging enough with a few intense moments to make up for it. Add in that Elise’s assistants are barely in it to throw in lame comic relief.



When Clint gets a substitute teaching job at an elementary school, he gets more than he bargained for when the children get infected with a virus turning them into zombies. Clint must now team up with other faculty members (one being his high school crush) to put an end to the mayhem. Cooties is hands-down one of the best comedy-horror films I’ve seen. It’s not super gory, but it gets the zombie aspects done perfectly, and it features so many great laughs to keep the momentum going. The all-star cast makes it even better. Though the ending was kind of lacking, it still doesn’t hurt it too bad.



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