Allegiant (2016) Review


With the ruthless Jeanine dead, and the confined and ruined city of Chicago now under the  lead of Four’s mother Evelyn, Tris Prior feels there is a sense of hope beyond the confines she’s known her whole life. But with Evelyn refusing anyone to cross the fence, Tris, Four, and others decide to find out the truth about the other side.

Allegiant is the third film in the Divergent series, and while it is definitely better than the second film, it doesn’t fare well compared to the original. This time around a new war is on the horizon as secrets of the past are revealed and bonds are tested. With the first film we had a straightforward storyline, in Insurgent the story is pushed slightly forward but with not much going on in general. In this film we have plenty going on in terms of story and much more action. However, even though there is much on going this time, there is actually TOO much going on. There are several different plot lines happening here. We have one plot line taking place back inside the confined Chicago, a plot line involving Tris, and one involving Four. Granted all of these stories collide in the long-run, this is a 2 hour movies and the audience has to keep track of every detail that is happening in this story that it becomes frustrating and confusing. Does this necessarily make it a bad movie? No, but it could have been fleshed out a bit better, especially considering there is another sequel coming (apparently with a new storyline involved). Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the stuff that happens is beneficial to the story, but it just feels all so jumbled together. Along with this, we don’t get enough time to see our beloved characters develop any further. With everything going on, there should be much more tension amongst them. The only tension really is between Tris and her brother Caleb who betrayed her in the previous film and him wanting to get her trust back. Apart from Tris, Four, and Evelyn, none of the other characters have much to do other than appear to show that they are still alive in the story. We even have a major character in the film for a mere 5 minutes at the most only to be killed very early in the film.

Shailene Woodley still provides a strong performance as our leading lady, but as mentioned, there’s nothing to really do this time around that requires strong acting chops. At least in the last two films there was character conflict. Theo James, like Woodley, provides a fair performance, but really all he does is just play action hero in this. Naomi Watts is really the only person of the whole cast who really gives it all she’s got as Evelyn. She shows how much the character craves and loves her newfound power, but we can also see the conflict she has between what she thinks needs to be done and what the right thing is to be done, all of this revolving around her love for her son.

Although this review pretty much sounds like the film is bad, it’s actually not, it just could have been written and constructed much better. There is plenty of story here, but it’s not managed well-enough, the action was just fine, but they could have spent more time on the script and characters. Doing so, this very well could have been almost as good as the first film. Hopefully since the last film will be more fresh, they won’t have to rely on cramming so much into the script.



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