Batman v Superman (2016) Review


Following the events of Man of Steel, the world has come to the point where they are unsure of whether Superman is friend or foe. Further events test the theory even more. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight of Gotham himself believes Superman is no good and plots to rid the world of him. Crazy scientist Lex Luthor has the same desire, but plans to take his actions in a different direction. Now, two of the world’s most well-known heroes will come face to face in a battle of strength and heroism.

Zack Snyder brings to the screen the collision of two heroes and the start of the Justice League of the DC Comics world. I wish I could say this an event worth waiting for, but ultimately it isn’t. In all honesty, Freddy vs. Jason was a much better showdown and event than this because it actually made use of its title. With this film, there was really no real coherent story, nor was there a consistent one. It was really all over the place with no real direction. As one of the few Zack Snyder fans in the world, I was massively disappointed, visually it was excellent, and the few amount of action scenes there were fun and enjoyable. I found myself dozing off during the first hour, there was absolutely nothing going except for people complaining about Superman. The only good parts of the actual movie were the last 30-45 minutes or so. If anything this should have purely been a Man of Steel sequel since the story mostly revolved around him and not so much Batman. Again, this comes back to a very poorly written story. This could have been much shorter and condensed to actually make the “v” part of the title work. It does however do a decent enough job of setting up for Justice League in the final act, especially when Wonder Woman shows up, which is the best part of the movie. But then there is also the groan-worthy ending. This particular event happens, but unless you have half a brain or less, you will easily know that it won’t last very long. Production-wise it’s pretty solid, but story-wise it’s a huge mess that doesn’t play out very well.

As far as performances go, there aren’t any complaints here. Ben Affleck does a fine job as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Henry Cavill once again delivers as Clark Kent/Superman. Granted Affleck really doesn’t have much to do, he does what he can with the role, and Cavill does the same. Amy Adams is really the only one who has anything to do in this film and any character and emotions to work with. Diane Lane has a small role here but she still delivers a fine performance. Unfortunately Holly Hunter is completely wasted in this role, a unknown might as well have played her part since it was hardly significant. Finally there is Jesse Eisenberg. He was so horribly miscast as Lex Luthor it’s ridiculous. It’s not even that Eisenberg was bad, he just doesn’t fit the role whatsoever, and whether that was how the role was written or how Eisenberg chose to play it, it doesn’t work at all. Luthor is supposed to stern and villainous, but here he’s more cooky and Jim Carrey’s Riddler type than the Lex Luthor we are all familiar with. Gal Gadot, while having a small role is solid as Wonder Woman and easily makes her solo movie anticipatory.

Unless you are genuinely a hardcore comic book superhero fan and need your fix, check it out. But overall, this is one worth renting from Redbox or skipping entirely. Nice visuals and performance, and decent last part don’t give it enough strength to overshadow its story flaws. If anything it’s only good for the small intros to set up the Justice League.




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