Finding Dory (2016) Review

finding dory

Taking place one year after Finding Nemo, we now find Dory living with Marlin and Nemo. But Dory is suddenly having flashbacks to her childhood and her family. Now she enlists the help of the father and son to once again venture the ocean to find her family. Along the way she makes new friends and realizes the true meaning of family.

Finding Nemo is my all time favorite Disney movie. Unfortunately I missed it when it was in the theater, but managed to see it when it was re-released in 3D. It is a film I could watch many times and never grow tired of, especially because of Dory. So when news came about a sequel that was about Dory, my excitement could not be contained, and it seems like an eternity before it was going to come out. I gotta say it was well worth the wait. This is sequel is everything I hoped it would be and more. That said, I can say with 100% confidence that I enjoyed this more than the first. It has twice the laughs, and twice the heart. Dory is just as lovable as she was in the first film but she has grown as a character in her abilities to embrace who she is. Marlin still has his uptight moments, but he’s grown as well in terms of taking chances, and Nemo has grown into a strong character as well and proves many times that he’s not just a kid anymore. The animation is just as beautiful and stunning as it ever was. While I was disappointed that a few characters from the first film didn’t return, the new characters more than made up for it in the sense that I enjoyed their screen presence more, each having their own unique characteristics and personalities. While there were plenty of humorous moments, there were quite a few moments that will have you laughing as how adorable they are, especially the scenes with Young Dory, and a scene with a group of otters. Plus there’s a hilarious “cameo” with Sigourney Weaver that hopefully older viewers will get a kick out of. While the first film dealt with growing up and letting go, the sequel deals with embracing ourselves for who we are and all of our faults, and that family can be more than just a blood relation.

Finding Dory is a sequel that had me enthralled the whole time with it’s laughs, lovable old and new characters, and the extreme amount of heart. This film was very much worth the wait since the first and amplifies everything that was lovable about the first film.



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