Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) Review


After many years, Bridget Jones has finally reached her goals in life. Perfect weight, not smoking, controlled drinking, successful career. However she still finds herself completely single and 43. Seeing this as her chance to mingle, Bridget has a couple of intimate encounters. One with a random, but charming stranger, the other with her ex boyfriend. When she finds out she’s pregnant, Bridget finds herself in an awkward situation.

I’m going to start by saying flat out that I loved this movie. More than the first film. After a pretty disappointing sequel, Bridget Jones is back and better than ever. At this point in her life, we find Bridget in a very realistic situation in wanting to finally settle down and have a family of her own. But more than anything, this sequel perfectly captures the heart, charm, and laughs of the original but amps it up. The laughs come in Bridget’s trademark awkward situations and the people in her life. It’s not as crude as the first film, instead this one goes with more light-hearted laughs. But of course with the subject matter this film gives us a lot more charm and heart to work with. Unlike most films involving pregnancy and not knowing who the father is, it doesn’t fall under the same tropes. The love triangle Bridget finds herself in is actually a tough one. Both men are extremely likable and you find yourself unsure at some points who you want her to pick. Along with this, the script flows so perfectly well. The first half of the them establishes the point in life in which Bridget finds herself, the last half revolves around the pregnancy. It never feels rushed, and it never feels dragged out considering its 2 hour runtime. I’m not going to lie, this film actually made me tear up at the end, not because it’s sad, but it is because of the amount of heart that comes with it. And this is thanks to the lovable characters and the excellent performances by our three leads. Renee Zellweger has never been better. After this many years, she still captures the essence of Bridget, but also shows that she’s grown as a character in how she faces life. Colin Firth is just as charming and lovable as Mark Darcy and you still love the pair together despite the differences. Patrick Dempsey is the newcomer to the cast and provides many humorous moments and charm to make the “who should she choose” aspect even more difficult. Then we get returning characters such as Bridget’s parents. Gemma Jones and Jim Broadbent are just as hilarious as well, but also provide some heartwarming moments with Zellweger. Finally we have Emma Thompson in the rule of Bridget’s doctor. At first I wondered why she was in this for such a basic role, but in the end, Thompson provides some great laughs that only she could provide in the role.

I could gush about this movie more, but plain and simple, if you loved the original film, you will love this one just as much if not more. Everything you loved about the first film and the characters is all here and more.



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