The Accountant (2016) Review


A man with a form of Autism doubles a life as a small-town CPA, but also working some of the most dangerous criminals on the side, while also possessing a special set of skills in defense. After getting a new client, he, as well as a young female clerk discover a vast amount of money missing, the two find themselves in danger. The Accountant must now use his set of skills and smarts to save themselves.

Let me start by saying that as far as the accounting aspects of the film go, I was completely lost and didn’t understand a single thing that was going on. Numbers and I don’t go together at all. That aside, I didn’t expect it to spoon-feed all of these terms to me, so I let them just slide off and try not to think a lot about it. So consider this a heads-up for those who aren’t familiar with accounting terms. To describe this film it was basically be if Jason Bourne had autism and was an accountant on the side. This isn’t a bad thing, but that’s really what it is. When it’s not dealing with accounting and numbers, there’s a pretty solid assassin/cat and mouse action thriller at hand, as well as some decent drama. But what was most appealing to me was the use of Ben Affleck’s character and his Autism. Through flashbacks we see that his father has been trying to help him lead a normal life. Even as an adult we see him trying to accomplish this. The uncomfortable way he acts around shows his struggle with others, but it is only when he meets Anna Kendrick’s character (whom as a little oddness herself), can he feel a sense of comfort. Now don’t groan yet, there’s no romance here, which a huge relief because watching their relationship develop is a charming one. The Autism is even shown when Affleck is in action with his fighting and weapons. This might seem comical, but it’s actually interesting to watch. At its core it has a good story going for it, and has some nice plot twists. But it is wrapped up with these different layers of story that are hardly necessary. Most especially with JK Simmons’ character who is hunting Affleck. It seems we spent more time with him and his rookie and their backstories WAY more than we really needed to, this also counts for other plot lines that are given more light than necessary. Had this been a more simplistic story and not convoluted with too much plot and character, and a little shorter, it would have been a fun ride.

Ben Affleck knocks it out of the park as the lead. He brilliantly exhibits the characteristics of an autistic character, and kicks some major ass in his fight/action scenes. Affleck also shares some great on-screen chemistry with Anna Kendrick, and as stated above, it’s a treat watching the relationship develop. Kendrick plays the sweet and bubbly character we know she can play. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get a little more seriousness from the role for her to go off of. In fact, I’d say she was rather underused in the respect that her character could have done a lot more than have a friendship with Affleck. And while JK Simmons’ character got more development than he needed, he does turn in another ball-busting and at one point emotional moment.

While The Accountant deals with material that not everyone will understand, and a very unnecessary amount of plot jammed into the script; the action, humor, likable leads, and a solid performance from Affleck and charming one from Kendrick is enough to invest viewers.



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