Fear, Inc. (2016) Review


On Halloween night, a group of horror film-loving friends gather for a small party. When they learn of a group called Fear, Inc. that customizes real life scares based on their customers, the most horror-obsessed one makes the call. Thinking it’ll be something fun to do, and not taking it seriously, he anticipates what’s to come. But it turns out Fear, Inc. plays the game much more seriously.

I’ll start out by saying, that I fricken loved this movie. It’s clearly a low-budget film, it went straight to digital platforms, and no real theatrical release. So basically this is an unknown film unless you keep up-to-date on horror films. It’s an extremely fun take on meta horror that is in vein of Scream, Cabin in the Woods (to an extent), and aspects of The Game thrown in. There are numerous nods and references to popular horror films, even down to the kills. The main character spends the majority of the film in a Freddy Krueger sweater. If you’re as horror-obsessed as I am, you can’t help but relate to the lead and his love for film. At times his mind may seem extremely warped because he’s not taking the events seriously (honestly, I’d probably play along too). It’s half horror-comedy that ends up transitioning into horror, and some of the humor in it can be considered dark humor if you choose to see it that way. The kills look really well-down for the low-budget aspect, and the characters are enjoyable to watch. Around the point when the lead male is about to start to become annoying is when it switches gears for his character (huge plus). Not to mention, there are plenty of surprises throughout the film that keep you engaged. It uses it’s singular location to its advantage and doesn’t make it feel like its dragging. For how dead the slasher sub genre has been, this is such a great comeback for it, it’s a huge shame this wasn’t given a wide or at least wider release. Everything you love about the genre is in this film and it doesn’t seek to be anything its not.

As far as the cast goes, everyone does a marvelous job. They provide a lot of fun in the roles and definitely know the kind of film they’re doing. Familiar faces such as Chris Marqette who made his big-screen debut in Freddy vs Jason, returns to horror and does as fine of a job here as he did in FVJ. And we have a big celebrity cameo from Abigail Breslin who provides an excellent performance in the Drew Barrymore ala Scream-role (not a spoiler, it’s in the trailer). I do wish that her scene was longer than it was because she really nailed it here, and proves furthermore that she has a great knack for horror.

I cannot express enough how much I loved this film. Maybe I’m gushing over it way more than I should, but as I said above, Fear Inc., seeks to deliver everything you want from horror. Fun characters, nice kills, some nice surprises, engaging story, and of course horror references. The film is available to purchase on iTunes, and it is totally worth the blind buy.



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