La La Land (2016) Review


Mia is barista who dreams to be an actress, but also has a love for playwriting. Sebastian is struggling to get by as a jazz pianist with dreams of owning his own jazz bar. The two develop a relationship becoming each other’s inspirations, as well as the “city of stars” that they live in.

In all honesty, there are no words to describe how incredible and perfect this movie is. It’s a genuine experience, and one you can’t describe. You have to see it for yourself to really feel it and witness its beauty. Right from the get-go you get pulled in. The direction and cinematography is beautiful, immersive, and dazzling. Damien Chazelle does an incredible job of putting you into this this world of these characters. The script is beautiful in a way that it’s sweet, charming, realistic, and relatable as are its characters. The music also provides a large helping hand in making the film consume you and get lost in it. There are so many sequence where I genuinely felt myself lost in everything, my heart racing and becoming almost breathless in its beauty. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone provide their finest work yet providing so much, charm, life, and relatability to Mia and Sebastian, not to mention their vocals are amazing, the chemistry is perfect, and their dance sequences/moves are on point.

I agree with the reviews that say it’s the reason we go to the movies, because it is. We got to the movies to be entertained, to feel inspired, and to lose ourselves. This is the closest thing to (if not the most) perfect film I’ve seen in my life. I may sound like I’m gushing, but as I said, it’s a feeling and experience that can’t be put into words. You have to see it yourself. A movie theater setting is the most perfect way, but even if you can’t make it to theater, you can still get the experience well-enough at home. Along with being entertained, inspired, and immersed, you will find yourself feeling so much nostalgia. And if you’re like me, you’ll hear Los Angeles calling your name even more and experience this life that also plays a huge role and its own character in the film.

Looking at this review, I still can’t help but feel that I didn’t describe this movie and its perfection well-enough. I did the best I could, but again, you have to experience this masterpiece yourself to really understand and feel it. It’s easily the best film I’ve seen in years.



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