Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Films

A guilty pleasure film can work two different ways. In one aspect they can be a movie that is panned by both audiences and critics, in the other it can be movies that someone doesn’t want to admit they like. For the most part I’m not ashamed to admit I like particular movies. But this list has a combination of both. Ones that most if not everyone hates, and ones that I feel just a bit embarrassed to admit I liked.

5) Movie 43


I wanna start by saying I don’t love this movie, but damn I find it funny and nowhere near as awful as audiences and critics say it is. They question why these high acclaimed actors would do such a terrible, offensive, stupid, and extremely unfunny movie. I’ll tell you why, because I feel like they saw something in the script that many didn’t. I realize how stupid the film is. It’s not a smart and clever comedy. But it’s a comedy I laughed at because of how vulgar, offensive, and stupid it was. Kate Winslet on a date with Hugh Jackman who has deformity involving balls hanging from his neck? Stupid as hell, but my god that whole segment had me laughing my ass off. So many segments were the same way, and sure there were some that didn’t work for me (like unfortunately Emma Stone’s and the wraparound story). I applaud these widely respected actors/actresses for doing this. They wanted to do something different and care-free, and purely for fun. It shows that they don’t always need to do serious films and they took a huge chance with this one, and they all did a great job.

4) When a Stranger Calls (2006)


This remake of the 70s horror film of the same name involves a young babysitter who begins receiving menacing phone calls throughout the night and eventually finds herself and the children in grave danger.

This is generally considered one of the worst horror remakes in the horror community. Some say they found it boring, too many jump scares, horribly acted. I will admit there are some jump scares that sucked, and Camilla Belle did have some weak spots. But I’m not gonna lie, I much preferred this over the original. The original has a great and scary opening, but the whole middle portion was beyond boring, and the final act wasn’t bad. The remake takes the opening scene (as well as the legend it’s based off of) and stretches it into a whole movie. I personally found the movie pretty damn suspenseful and had a great build up to its final act when it goes all out to scare you. The setting perfectly captures the isolation and the many windows of the house make it freaky to imagine being watched. And then Tommy Flanagan who plays the Stranger does an excellent a creepy job. I have fond memories of seeing this with my best friend in high school because it’s the fun type of horror movie you watch with a close friend and enjoy jumping and getting creeped out with. It’s fine it didn’t work for others, but it worked for me.

3) I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


The sequel to hit slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer is another horror film that many in the horror community hate. I’m not sure if their hopes were too high or they compare it to the original way too much. However the most common thing I hear is how they absolutely LOATHE the identity of ridiculousness of the second killer. To be fair it’s pretty cringeworthy (especially how the scene is written). However, I think this is a really fun sequel and one you need to throw all realism out the window (the major one being how they won the contest). What this movie has that the original doesn’t is a higher body count. Even if they’re not important characters, it’s nice to see the bodies piling up as a way of torturing our returning lead Julie. Speaking of Julie, I really found A LOT more likable in this film than the first. She has more of a personality and she has a lot more strength and fight in her, even though she does have her Debbie Downer moments. Brandy turns in a fun a performance as Julie’s new best friend, the sassy and pretty tough, Karla. I enjoyed her chase scene even if it was very brief, and it was a nice change in terms of how things turn out for her character that doesn’t happen too often. The island setting and the impending storm is a nice plot device to trap our characters (again realism needs to be forgotten). And the last half of the movie is one big chase scene, which I loved. Sure it doesn’t have the hip and true to form slasher fun of the original, and the writing isn’t as great, but I found it still to be fun and enjoyable for what it was.

2) The Devil Wears Prada


This movie is one that is not considered bad. Because it is widely loved and enjoyed by critics and audiences. The guilty pleasure part comes in because of the fact that it revolves around women’s fashion, and it’s super geared towards women. I don’t care about the fashion, not in the movie, and not at all in real life. For me it’s the characters and the great performances by Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, and the deliciously vicious performance by Meryl Streep. Besides the performances and characters, the story is very relatable in terms of trying to find our place in our careers and some of the extremes we may end up going to to reach what want to be. Whether we get stuck in a job we hate or just isn’t us, or we end up loving the amount of power we have from getting a successful job. It’s a huge chick flick no doubt, but male or female, it’s a story that anyone can eventually relate to at some point in their lives.

1) Ice Princess


It doesn’t get more cheesy, cliched, or girly than this. Not even my number one film. But you get a story about a brainy girl who realizes her love and passion for figure skating despite the protests of her controlling mother. And then you have another character who is the popular girl who starts with figure skating but wants what she considers a normal life despite the protests of her own controlling mom (who was once had a chance to be a pro-figure skater). So let’s see, all female cast basically (save for the love interest of the lead girl), figure skating, mother/daughter dynamics, cheesy love story, and just pure cheese all the way through. Oh and of course ya have “Princess” in the title. Which reminds me that I also would have The Princess Diaries in the list too, but that just missed the cut. Anyway, yes, pure chick flick by every definition. But there something heart-warming and endearing about the movie, and by the end it’s a nice feel good movie. The acting is pretty damn good for this kind of film, and the parental/child relationships feel genuine, and the overall story is realistic (cliches and cheese in all). And I’d be lying if I said that some of the skating scenes are pretty nice to look at it when you think of all the hard work and elegance that go into it. Especially when you know the actors had to work their asses off to do all of the stunts.



Honorable Mentions:

I Know Who Killed Me


The Princess Diaries


Mamma Mia



Sex and the City: The Movie


Date Movie



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