Movies I Will Never Watch Again

It’s very rare when I say will never watch a movie again. The only time I will say I won’t ever watch one again isn’t because it’s bad. It’s actually because they were either too disturbing (another rarity) or it was just way too depressing or sad. The following are a few of those examples.

1) Marley and Me


I’m sure everyone has seen this movie or at least heard of it. It tells the story of a couple who buy an adorable little dog who turns out to be quite the hand full, but also an important addition to their family. The whole movie depicts Marley’s life with this family, up until his death. Even writing this and thinking about the movie and the ending is so close to making me tear up. Of course you have some funny moments with Marley, but you get as much attached to the dog (but then any dog in movies we get attached to), and we see him basically understand the feelings and emotions of his owners. A scene in which the wife miscarriages and is crying on the couch, Marley comes up and comforts her. There are other examples of this, and just in general how it shows that dogs (or pets in general) play such an important part in our lives. So when the time comes to say goodbye to Marley, let’s just say I’ve never cried so hard in my life, I couldn’t breathe. As great of a movie as this is, I could never put myself through those emotions and heartache again by watching it.

2) Cannibal Holocaust


I’m not that much of a squeamish person, but my god, this movie is so horrific. After watching it, I felt so disturbed, grossed out, felt the need to shower, and do whatever it took to get this movie out of my mind. It’s about a documentary group who goes in the forest to explore a cannibalistic tribe. The documentary people are pretty horrible people, but the fate that befalls them is just brutal. What happens to them, and the actions of the tribe towards their people, and animals (real animals were murdered on screen in this film). Part of me wishes I had never watched this movie, but I did because it’s so talked about in the horror community. So many graphic, gruesome, disturbing images that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

3) Bastard Out of Carolina


This is probably the first movie to ever emotionally shatter or rattle me. I watched this maybe when I was like 7 or 8 with my grandmother on Lifetime. It’s about a young girl whose mother marries a new man after her father dies. Sadly, her new stepfather abuses the young girl in every way possible. He goes crazy on her with a belt for some of the smallest things, he rapes her, verbally and emotionally abuses her, beats her. And during all of this the mom doesn’t do anything to stop the husband. She leaves his several times but ends up crawling back to him and believing his lies that “he’ll change.” This was my first real eye-opening look at child abuse in its various forms. The movie is just so damn depressing, and the ending isn’t even entirely happy. The performances by a very young Jena Malone as the daughter and Jennifer Jason Leigh as the mom are incredible. But that’s not enough for me to ever want to see this heartbreaking and depressing film again.

4) Prisoners


After their daughters go missing, two desperate fathers try to hunt down the man who took them. When they think they’ve caught the man they kidnap him and torture him. But there is great doubt that they caught the right man. Due to their actions and the consequences of what they’ve done, they mentally tell themselves he did it, just to justify their actions and continue the torture. Meanwhile, a young detective is also investigating the case of the two girls, and slowly following the two fathers’ tracks. This movie is all out depressing, and just a complete sense of dread all of the way through. You become so emotionally tortured by the events happening in front of you, and even scenes where you have no idea what is about to unfold (for example a scene involving one of the fathers finding several large totes). You are feeling the pain and emotions of all these characters. The whole situation is like a parents’ worst nightmare. You even feel emotionally torn about the torture of the kidnapper because you really aren’t sure if he actually did it or not. And finally we have the ending, like Bastard Out Of Carolina, it doesn’t make you feel happier. The whole movie seems like it’s primary goal is to put you into a deep depression. And it succeeds. Never again. Despite the all star cast and powerful performances by Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis, Terrence Howard, Maria Bello, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

5) Sophie’s Choice


Yet another film that only seeks to depress. This is one of Meryl Streep’s most iconic films and roles of her career. It tells the story of a man who becomes infatuated with a woman, the woman tells him of her unhappy current life, but her even more unhappy past life as a once prisoner of the Holocaust and what happened to her there. The major point in the film that involves “Sophie’s Choice” is beyond heartbreaking and had me bawling my eyes out long after the scene was over. And once again there is an ending that just leaves you depressed and hopeless.


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