Top 5 Overrated Films

Like my top 5 underrated list, my top 5 overrated list consists of movie I didn’t love as much as others, or didn’t like at all. Some of theses are considered breakthrough films in cinema, but I’m putting that aside.

1) Gone with the Wind


I watched this movie for the first time in an English course I took in college. It was one of the most boring experiences in my life. Are we really supposed to care about some spoiled rich bitch snob who loses her fancy house and money to a fire? Not to mention the romance she shares with the lead male is about as good of a love story as Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey. The two are shallow, vain, and super pretentious. A better ending would have been if both characters died and the world wouldn’t have to put up with them again. And don’t get started on that annoying maid with the annoying voice. Cinematography-wise it’s definitely beautiful, and the actors do fine with their performances. However the story and its characters are far from endearing and not a story worth going crazy over.

2) The Martian


I was intrigued by the trailers for this when I first saw them, then I read the book and loathed because of how boring it was. Not to mention the scientific stuff was dreadful even if it was real. But the movie was not any better. The cinematography was great, but it was ultimately just as boring and uneventful or thrilling like the book. I was expecting more intensity. Not some douchebag guy who is so much of a douchebag he doesn’t deserve to be saved sitting around being a douchebag, and planting potatoes. Interstellar had more intensity and had more sense of dread than this did. There was way too much drama, and I’m sorry, but Matt Damon was not that great in this. If I’m going to feel sorry for someone trapped on Mars, he has to be a good-hearted man with something redeemable to him. Sandra Bullock in Gravity, I actually cared about her and wanted her to survive.


3) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Rogue One isn’t a terrible movie by any means, but it’s so beyond unnecessary. We didn’t need to know the story of the Rebels who sent the plans to Leia. This was a pure cash grab film just to use as filler between each REAL Star Wars film. The first half of the movie I found pretty boring, but then it’s the last half hour where anything good happens, and then the great scene with Vader. On top of that, I didn’t feel there was any substance to the characters to make them memorable. And the android in this one is Jar Jar Binx status annoying, yet people don’t seem to mind him? I realize I’m alone on this, but this didn’t feel like a Star Wars film to me at all, and felt more like a fandom story. I’m not a huge Star Wars nerd to begin with, but I would definitely NOT rank this with the original trilogy or Force Awakens. I would put this more with Episodes 1-3.

4) Jaws


No doubt I’ll probably go to horror movie hell for this, but when I was young I always heard how this movie was terrifying. I finally watched it and I was massively disappointed. It’s understandably a classic for good reason, but I don’t find it that great. It needed MUCH more shark attack action, and less exposition with the characters. The entire final act was a bore until the shark takes down the ship. I honestly prefer Deep Blue Sea, 47 Meters Down, The Shallows, and The Reef to this, even if the aforementioned movies due owe gratitude to Jaws. But with those films, the sharks are always present, threatening, and it’s intense throughout. The shark in this one is merely a plot device. It’s a good character driven film, but I want the film the movie poster makes it out to be.

5) Titanic


This is another movie that as a kid was one of the must-sees. It’s a good film, but in time I realized just how tired I’ve grown of it. The only part that I ever want to watch anymore is in the last half when it depicts the ship hitting the iceberg and to the end. People call it one of the best love stories of all time. But really, I don’t find anything about the love story that engaging. Jack and Rose might as well have been in a  Disney movie with how fast they “fell in love.” Sure the chemistry is there between the two, but I’ve always come to find that there wasn’t enough substance in their relationship, and that’s because they hardly knew each other. I just wasn’t affected by their love story whatsoever. It’s the disaster aspect of the film that really redeems it, but that’s so overshadowed by the romance that it’s unfortunate. So as romance film I find Titanic overrated.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Overrated Films

  1. Our first disagreement! I think that the Titanic is a great romance story, and like you with your Horror movies, that is me with romance movies. I think that Jack and Rose have a great love story, sure its cliche but that’s what movies are about. Horror movies are pretty cliche as well. Jack is a poor guy who knows how to live life without money or greed. He simply enjoys people and experiences of material things. Rose is a woman raised in a rich family. Her mom is (what I am assuming) a widow, and inherited all this money from her late husband. They decide to go to america together. Rose, forced to be girly and materialistic because of the money she inherited isn’t really an “aristocrat” She has the drive and love for life like a pauper does, and isn’t really materialistic. She sees the drive and spirit in Jack who draws people. At first she doesn’t know how to react because it wouldn’t be proper to stoop to his level, but when she sees that he wouldn’t judge her for stooping to his level, she opens up. She shows that she can “slum” it with the best of them, and he shows that he can clean up nicely. Her mom is against it when faced with it, but deep down I think her mom is all for it. I get kind of a Notebook vibe from the mother daughter relationship. Basically it is The Notebook on a ship, except Rose’s fiance is an asshole and not a nice charming guy like Allie’s fiance in The Notebook. Basically the love story to me is that it doesn’t matter who you love or how you fall in love, but it can happen anywhere at anytime with anyone.

    1. Very good points, and I love romance/rom coms to death as well, some more than others. Titanic is just one that hasn’t held up well for me through time. If I had to pick a favorite romance film it would be A Walk to Remember.

  2. Also, I haven’t seen Gone with the Wind, so I can’t judge that one.

    Rogue One I agree with. It didn’t seem very Star Wars, and more of its own movie.

    Jaws= Garbage.

    The Martian, I am biased for Matt Damon. I thought it was funny at parts, but agree that it got boring.

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