Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017) Review


Two young elementary school misfits, George (voiced by Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch) are notorious for causing mayhem at their school and pulling pranks. Their mean principal Mr. Krupp (Ed Helms) devises a plan to separate the two friends in different classes (this means the end of the world to the two friends). In an attempt to thwart his plans, George hypnotizes Mr. Krupp with a special ring. They decide to have some fun and make him think he’s Captain Underpants (the superhero in the comics they write). Unfortunately, Krupp takes this too seriously and begins to seek out crime.

Based on the children’s book series (which I read back in elementary school and loved), a film adaptation has finally been made. And all I have to say is that my elementary school self would have been 100% pleased. As an adult I was pleased as well with how well they handled and translated the books. But also as an adult, I realized this movie is not for me or other adults. Unlike Disney/Pixar/Fox/Dreamworks, etc. family films that are made for family and have humor even adults can enjoy, this is primarily for children with child’s humor. There are so many child jokes here. The villain in this film is Professor Poopypants (Nick Kroll), and that in itself is enough to have children rolling with laughter each time it’s said, and is a representation of the humor of this film. Again, all of this does capture the humor and silliness of the books, but this is for children. Sure I chuckled at a couple of moments, but there just isn’t much here for adults to engage in. The humor aside, there is a lot of heart here in how it depicts George and Harold’s relationship and what it means to be a child and enjoy the silliness of things at that age while you can. The voice talents in the cast are very well-done and capture the characters perfectly, and the animation in it is great to look at. With all of these DC/Marvel films being released that may be too intense or adult for younger viewers, here we have a superhero film that is perfect for those too young for the the blockbuster ones. It has the humor, the story, fun characters, and more.

Captain Underpants may not be a movie for adults (this would have been nice), but it is the perfect movie for children, really captures the source material, and brings a lot of heart to its story. Essentially it succeeds in what it is trying to do 100%.



Top 10 Anticipated Films of 2017

1) Beauty and the Beast


Of all the classic Disney films, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite. Amazing songs, beautiful story, and female lead worth admiring. This live-action version seems like it’s capturing everything I love about the animated film, the magic and dazzling production design and cinematography is breathtaking. Not to mention, the casting of the characters/voices is on point. Emma Watson couldn’t be more perfect as Belle. And the trailer shows that she is going to nail it.

2) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


The original film still remains my favorite Marvel Comics film since seeing it. It was a fun action/adventure film with fun characters, great humor, and an amazing soundtrack. The trailer for the film looks like it’s going to stay true to all of the above and possibly amp it up even more.

3) Untitled Cloverfield Sequel/God Particle


At this point, the original title for the third entry in the Cloverfield anthology series was called God Particle. But now it’s under development for its name change to incorporate “Cloverfield” in the title. All that’s known right now is that it involves astronauts in space who find their realities altered. Supposedly it takes place before the original Cloverfield film. But obviously we won’t know for sure until a trailer is released or primarily until we see the movie. With the first two films turning to be amazing, I’m super excited for the third entry.

4) Fast and Furious 8


I admit that after the passing of Paul Walker, and the brilliant ending (I assumed) that was Furious 7, I was very skeptical and negative towards the idea of an 8th film in the action franchise. However, once the new cast was announced (especially Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren), my attitude changed a little. But once I saw the trailer, I was all in. The story looks like it’ll try something different, with Dom turning his back on the Family and seeing the Family have to join forces with Jason Statham’s villainous character in order to take down the new villain that is Theron (whom as usual looks like she’s going to steal the show and looks so deliciously evil). And of course it has some very eye-catching and thrilling car action sequences.

5) Split


M. Night Shyamalan made his comeback as a horror direction with The Visit (had it’s creepy moments but wasn’t without its faults). But now his upcoming film about a man with 24 personalities and holding a group of friends hostage (whom must outsmart the personalities in order to survive the deadly personality) sounds so thrilling and promising. The trailer itself gave off creepy vibes, especially from what looks like will be an excellent and chilling performance from James McAvoy.

6) Alien: Covenant

ALIEN COVENANT (2017) movie poster

The sequel to Prometheus and prequel to Alien looks like it will take the horror of the Alien films and the beautiful cinematography and visually stunning world of Prometheus and throw it together into one thrilling and bloody combo and will be a great return to form for the Alien films.

7) Life


While only a teaser trailer has been released, it’s enough to have caught my attention. Not mention two of my favorite actors (Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal) as the leads. From what I gather it’s about astronauts to discover a new life but suddenly wish they didn’t. It seems like it’s a combination of Alien and The Thing, with a splash of Gravity. So basically it looks like a fun and thrilling ride.

8) Table 19

TITLE_1Sheet_27x40_MECH_0R0___FOX SPECS ONSITE_Per Mark Carroll

Table 19 tells the story of a woman who is relieved of her duty as maid of honor after being dumped by her ex (whom is also the best man). She still decides to attend the wedding and ends up sitting at the singles table with other eccentric guests. The trailer looks hilarious and boasts a very talented and comedic cast featuring Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, June Squibb, and Craig Robinson.

9) Kidnap


This thriller stars Halle Berry as a mother who witnesses her son being kidnapped one day at the park and immediately pursues the kidnapper in a thrilling chase after the police turn out to be no help. After the greatness that was Berry’s last film The Call, this one look equally as thrilling and Berry looks as if she’ll give one tour de force performance. If you want to call it a female version of Taken, go ahead, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t end up being awesome.

10) Captain Underpants


One of my favorite book series as a kid is finally being adapted into an animated film. The animation itself looks spot on with the comic/chapter book hybrid. It may have been a long time coming, but damn I’m excited as hell.